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Unlocateable Clicking from engine area?

I was changing the belts on my 1990 Pontiac Grand Am, the main pully sets behind the right fron tire, so i had to take off the tire and the plastic guard in wheel well. After getting all the new belts on and in place, I went to re-mount the tire, and the jack sliped out from where it had been at, and the car fell about 1/2 inch from my leg and hand. Ok first thing is first, go ahead call me an idiot, it was my fault, bad placing and should have used jack stands, I deserve it, feel free to call me whatever you want. Now, after I put it all back together I started it and went to drive it a bit to see how bad I messed it up. The car runs fine, no pulling, no obvious signs of internal engine damage, but the only thing is, there is a clicking noise comming from right around the power steering pump (FYI PS pump set on pass. side cloer to firewall) The clicking is reletive to engine speed, I have looked for eveything I can think of, need ideas and thoughts, please help if you have any input.Unlocateable Clicking from engine area?dont feel badly. i did this too. ok so we are both idiots. lol. i bent a thin metal plate on the wheel hub. look around wheel/rotor and see if u did same. good luck.Unlocateable Clicking from engine area?easy to fix, jack it back up pull the tire off , an be hine the hub you see a dust cover, made of tin,, find where it touching the hub, pull it out away from the hub, ,,,you ready to go

Motor swap?

hey all!

i've gotta 2002 camaro, currently with an l36. i'd like to swap in an l67, but am having a lot of trouble finding info regarding this. it just doesn't seem like anyone else has done it yet. information is very limited, but i'm hoping to change that. here's what i know so far...if you have any suggestions/comments, or disagree with something, please say so:)

1) l36 %26amp; l67 blocks are essentially the same...the same engine mounts can be used, and the engine can bolt up to my bellhousing.

2) hood clearance for the SC isn't an issue with 98+ camaros.

3) some components (ie power steering pump) are in different locations, but that shouldn't be a problem

the only two issues i've got left are:

1) will i have to move the firewall to allow space for the intake???? if so, how much? i don't have any problems with moving the firewall, it's just a %26quot;do i have to?%26quot; question.

2) the computer. i'll need to use the l67 computer obviously, but i doubt that computer will be compatible withMotor swap?Easy way would be to hunt around the damaged vehicle auctions for a write off, then swap all the %26quot;goodies%26quot; over. In all honesty it'd probably end up costing you the same in the long term. But as the 02 on Camaro is more or less the same as the Commodores and Monaros (read ponty gto) that we have here in Aus. Just go and bolt the damn thing in with its %26quot;brain%26quot;. Turn the key and enjoy.

Will holes in exhaust system cause car to stall?

Ok, long story short I took my car into the mechanic in July of this year cause of a few issues I was having (I have a 98 Ford Taurus by the way with about 73,000 miles on it). The guy told me I had a problem with the Power Steering system, power steering pump and the rack %26amp; Pinon's were going bad. Now the second problem was 2 holes in my exhaust system. The first problem with the steering I got fixed and it cost me 1400. The holes he said would cost 750.

Now I got laid off from my job in January of this year and I couldn't swing the 750. I've had a couple of job interviews, in fact one just this past week but the long and short of it is I'm broke and still unemployed and the money I get from unemployment isn't enough to hep with this.

Just yesterday I get in my car and it takes a while to get i started and it almost seems like its about to stall, I hit the gas and manage to make it home without any problems BUT it got me to thinking about those two holes...

Can those holes cause my car to stall or stop? The mechanic said I could safely drive it around for 6 months to a year. that was six months ago but I should point out since I'm not working my trips in the car pretty much consist of 5 minute drives to the grocery store or a 30 minute trip twice a week to college classes. So VERY limited driving but with winter coming up I'm still scared of getting stuck in the snow (I live in chicago).

Can anyone knowledgeable answer this for me, given the fact that I drive pretty infrequently how long would you guess I could keep going with these holes? (I haven't had a battery change in a few years, I'm really hoping that's why it seemed to start so sluggishly and also why it's been taking a little while longer to start it in general lately. It would be a much cheaper solution).

Thanks in advance for your help and if you need anymore info let me know. I'm already going to take it in somewhere and get the battery tested but I'm still worried about those damn holes.Will holes in exhaust system cause car to stall?A knowledgeable answer you asked for, so ill do my best.

A sluggish start at the beginning can be a battery, possibly having a battery cell going dead. It could also be a starter going bad, but i would check the battery first before going towards checking the starter.

The holes in the exhaust wont cause a vehicle to stall, it may cause an engine light depending where the holes are, such as in front of an oxygen sensor.

If the holes arent very big, there is a simple $6 fix, and that is liquid exhaust sealer, you can go to any part store and ask for it. All it is, is a high temperature sealer that you rub over the holes till it covers them, and you give it 10 minutes to dry, then drive your vehicle at liesure and the sealer will harden.

Something else to check is on your battery, observe the terminals. Does your battery have terminals coming out of the side? or on the top?

If they come out of the side, its a good idea to get whoever checks your battery, to disconnect the cables and run some battery cleaner or baking soda with water over them. Side mounted terminals on a battery are notorious at getting corrosion, they are also known for loosening.

So if they are side mounted, just grab ahold of %26quot;one%26quot; terminal at a time, and try to give it a jiggle, if it doesnt budge its fine.

If you see any white foam on the terminals of your battery, use some battery cleaner, or some baking soda and water mixed, to get rid of the corrosion. You can run a brass brush over them too, try not to get any of the white powder (if any) on you, because it eats through clothing.

Do you notice when you start your vehicle if you turn a dome light on, that it gets noticeable dim when you turn your key?

I think what you are explaining is a battery issue more than it is anything else.

Whats probably happening is your battery has a weak cell, and when it sits it looses some charge, it has enough juice to start the vehicle and at that point, your alternator continues charging it. Make sure to have whoever checks your battery to check the charging of the alternator too, should be charging anywhere between 13-15.

Hope this helps, email me if you have any more questions.

~SeanWill holes in exhaust system cause car to stall?something else is making it stall because holes won,t do it.Will holes in exhaust system cause car to stall?Short answer: NOWill holes in exhaust system cause car to stall?Michelle? When your talking too a friend and you accidentally fart, do you stutter?

I would hope not. Laugh maybe, lol.

Holes in the exhaust will not cause performance problems.

The exhaust system is primarily too protect you from Carbon Monoxide gasses.

Question about 1997 Ford Ranger?

My driver's front tire makes a squealing noise as I drive or make any left turns. If I turn the wheel to the right, it makes no noise. I changed the inner and outer bearings plus put on a new caliper. Nothing seems to get rid of the noise. I put on a new serpentine belt plus the power steering pump is brand new. Does anyone know what the problem could be and how I can fix the noise. It's annoying and I can't take it anymore. HELP?Question about 1997 Ford Ranger?I know it might sound dumb but did you check if the tire is rubbing against the plastic guard??Question about 1997 Ford Ranger?I'm thinking along the lines of an alignment issue. Maybe too much toe-out on the drivers side. The more the toe is out, then the more your dragging the tire down the road. If you turn the wheel to the right then you are straightening out the tire therefore it is not dragging. Just an educated guess.Question about 1997 Ford Ranger?I agree with the alignment as your problem. Though I would lean towards camber....either way, get the front end checked.Question about 1997 Ford Ranger?do you have hub caps or rims?

Escort Van ~ placing a Turbo engine into a non-turbo?

HI all,

ESCORT 1.8d 2000 (x) uk

Complete engine change -- Whats involved??-- has anyone done it??

I have an Escort Van that is all signed up and kitted out as i like it, meanin that i dont want to change the van, i also have a escort td 250 with a low milage engine - now i have a good knowledge of mechanics and have changed engines before - i also have a good knowledge of electrics...

.. so i think know the following:

1. the pump is immobillised by the key so i would have to change the barrel

2. the downpipe is differant

3. The gearbox out of the car is stronger and the shafts are from a mondeo as appose to the van having its own shafts

4. the speedo in the van is electric ( the car has a speedo cable)

5.the power steering pump is in a differant place on both

6.there are two wires coming out of the third injector on the escort td and not on the non turbo

could the aircon go??

i am also going to put the electric windows in and central locking

How hard on a 1 to 10 (1 being lower) would this be,any help would be gratly appreciated??

peteEscort Van ~ placing a Turbo engine into a non-turbo?10 and not recomended,,
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  • Interested in buying a car?

    1991 Toyota Celica GTS 2-door coupe, 2.2 liter, manual transmission. 76,000 miles on rebuilt engine (Odometer has about 196,000 Miles), four brand new tires, new rebuilt alternator, fixed alignment, fixed power-steering pump. E-brake does not work, little bit of oil leak from the seal, some dings, and dents but this car runs great. How can you expect the best in price range from $1,200 to $1,400? Maybe you could offer me $1,100 and it could change my mind. I'm ready to give it away. Just let you know, this car still has blue book price of $1,800. Are you interested? E-mail me at

    What do you know? This car might be a good christmas gift for your child who will be getting a liscense soon.Interested in buying a car? told us where you live.....Interested in buying a car?I was going to report you for abusing this site with your spam...but since you're stupid enough to post your phone number and address, I suppose you'll pay in other ways...Interested in buying a car?This is not a %26quot;For Sale%26quot; site ! ! !

    1994 oldsmobile, will im make it to fl and back?

    Hello, i want ur opinion on my cituation. I want to go to florida, and the car i have is a 1994 oldsmobile delta 88 lss with 248,000 miles on it. its currently running strong, starts up like a car with 30,000 miles on it. I do an oil change every 2,500 miles. In addition i have replaced the power steering pump, oil pan gasket, valve cover gaskets, fuel filter, air filter, main serpentine belt, spark plug wires, spark plugs, new tires all within the last 5,000 miles, and i regularly jack the car up and inspect and repair rust, and check for leaking. I check the fluids 3 times a week. Do you believe that i do enough preventative maintence to ensure that it will run well/ last a long time? i have confidence in the car to make the 2500 mile journey to florida, but im wondering how someone would look at this from a diffrent prespective, possibly another mechanic. Thank you in advance!1994 oldsmobile, will im make it to fl and back?mm sounds like you do more than enough to keep you car in good condition ..continue doing so and the car will last longer as of going to fl.. then go for it but when stoping for gas check everything over oil,breakes,tranny fluid,everything you check on your car and drive easy and safe and you will be ok

    friend drove his truck with almost 400,000 miles to alabama from northcarolina and back and had no problems

    \have a safe trip1994 oldsmobile, will im make it to fl and back?it should make it but also you might want to look at your head and intake gaskets as well they are known to leak on those engines no matter what you do. if your oil looks kinda like choclate milk or has a brown texture to it then it is leakin somewhere. another thing check your serp. belt. if it is cracked every 2 inches replace it and if not do yourself a favor either carry a spare with you or believe it or not carry a pair of nylons with you. the nylons will make it to a shop or gas station. also carry the tool that you would need to relieve tension on the tensioner pulley. but other than that you should make it ok. take other preventative things with you in case of an emergency. such as a full size spare tire. tire inflator or air compressor. jumper cables, a couple of snack bars high in protein. flash light and a screwdriver set phillips and regular.1994 oldsmobile, will im make it to fl and back?okay i thought of going to a far away place too in my 1996 bmw after i fix it but what i figured is just go at night when there isnt as much heat or stress on your car and i personally think it will do fine if you have faith and your a mechanic you should be ok idk tho but i am a very smart college student lol.